Dance Rehearsal

by max rogers

'Kimberly and Lukas'

Its no secret that I love taking stills or video of my wife, especially when she is in her element and there is no place you're more likely to find her in her element than the dance rehearsal studio.

This is where her incredible talent is explained...

She demonstrates why her refusal to ever 'mark' a rehearsal results in her pushing beyond her limits with every single dance step she makes. As a result she has improved her craft every time she has danced, since she was 7 years old.

That level of attainment, focus and dedication is why she is the talent that she is today. I didn't know her when she was younger but I would assume that she wasn't born with her talent for dance.. but she certainly earned it with hard graft.

Kimberly doesn't seem to have an idea of a finish line or what is perfect.. it is only about working harder, striving further, starting earlier, staying later. She refuses to ever acknowledge that she can't do something and as a result she works hard enough until she can do anything! 

I tried out a nickname for her a while ago: 'Kaizan' - a Japanese management philospohy meaning 'continuous improvement'. My intention was to be complimentary but to be fair, the name is about as cute as a steam roller falling down some stairs... It didn't last!


On this day she was working with our friend Lukas MacFarlane, who is himself an extreme force of dance - his incredible strength, technique and of course dedication to his craft resulted in him winning Got to Dance - Season 4 and in my opinion he was the most worthy of the 5 winners of the show and one of the best dancers I have ever seen.

Spending an afternoon watching these two share their love and talent for dance was an afternoon well spent... and I'm glad I took my Leica!