Part Two: #StyleTakesTime

by max rogers

Day 3 continued..

After dinner with the Storm Men and bookers, we headed to the big party of the show season, which this year, seemed to be Versace, who were showing for the first time in London for years and who also invited pretty much the whole of London to their event.

It started a bit hectic but we managed to carve out an area to call our own and had a good laugh.

I smartened the look up a bit with a Tux jacket and I think it did the trick. It also inspired three people to assume that I had given up on my mission because they thought I looked completely different from the previous day... thus highlighting that even with the same outfit, you can still express yourself differently with a simple jacket change.

Arriving at Versace with Ashley Roberts, who I dragged along so that I wasn't the only one feeling rough from the night before.

Arriving at Versace with Ashley Roberts, who I dragged along so that I wasn't the only one feeling rough from the night before.

The evening ran late and therefore provided the worst preparation for day 4...

Day 4..

A 1st birthday party in the country....and DaddyDayCare all day!

..whilst I was delighted for the mid-schedule break from the fashion world, to spend a day in the country with my daughter, to celebrate the birthday of our friend's son, I could have done with a bit more sleep to be on top form!

However, the look was slightly more versatile than me - It worked at Versace with a Tux jacket and it worked at the birthday party, with a pair of very dark glasses!

Daddy Day Care #SameLookDifferentDay

Daddy Day Care #SameLookDifferentDay

Day 5..

A full day of shows ending with my favourite collection of the season from Erdem.

It was raining so I went for the Burberry jacket again and despite feeling good all day it was at the Erdem show, where ironically - given that the clothes on show were entirely sustainable, in line with my mission - I felt under dressed.

Standing between Colin Firth, decked entirely in Tom Ford and the always demure Anna Wintour, I look down at my ripped jeans and for the first time all week, wished I was wearing something else!


In a week where I have been to what seems like a million events, of all different kinds.. I feel like this one concern is not nearly enough to consider my mission a failure.

..just another minor road bump and fortunately, everyone was looking at Mr Firth anyway, so its unlikely anyone even noticed me!

Erdem - sustainable but feeling underdressed?

Erdem - sustainable but feeling underdressed?

Day 6..

The Christopher Raeburn Show.

I love this designer, not only does he use sustainable fabrics but he represents what I love about London fashion.

He manages to take traditional shapes (sportswear- such as hoodies) and make them innovative with choice of fabric and design features. The collection was jungle inspired and as a result there was a lot of green, however my favourite colours this season have been the basic white and black, which Christopher Raeburn showed in abundance.

After the shows the day took a slight change of pace as I headed back into soho to judge a design competition for @head_bags The winner was a worthy choice in terms of the beautiful bag she designed and as a massive bonus, she was inspired by her concerns over the disposable nature of fashion and in particular the water usage by the industry.

Did you know it takes 7 PINTS of clean water to make a single cotton bud!!

This means that the amount of clean water that goes into making clothes for the fashion industry is astronomical.. so much so that you have probably never heard of the Aral sea?

That is because it now longer exists. we have drained it to provide for our cotton needs.

If the humanitarian reasons to support my mission don't engage you then surely environmental facts such as that, must at least raise some concern? If we didn't dispose and waste so much cotton, this sort of thing could be avoided.

Day 7..

Fashion Week OVER!

.. but my mission continued!

Kim and I Attended the Cool Earth event at the Barbican, hosted by Vivienne Westwood.

..and what an inspiring event it was too.. Vivienne and Andreas as well as Pamela Anderson spoke and inspired a room full of people on the importance of our rainforests.

It was nice as well because Kim and I finally got to hang out together, we have both been so busy juggling work and childcare all week this was a great chance to catch up!

As a result, we wore matching outfits by Haifa Fahad, which gave a very punk rock twist to my look.

A fortunate choice because we spent most of the evening chatting to the Punk Rock legend Marky Ramone.


Cool Earth is a charity I was honoured to be able to support a few years ago; shooting the below campaign by Rankin, with Vivienne herself.

Cool Earth 

Cool Earth 

Day 8..

The final day of the mission.

Kim and I are heading to the event I have been most looking forward to all week! My favourite thing to do is watch films, so the cinema is my favourite night out.

If the film playing happens to be a premier that means you get free popcorn on your seat, so a film premiere is my absolute favourite thing to do!

So to close the week, we will be walking the red carpet at the European Premiere of The Martian, starring Matt Damon.

I haven't even decided how I'm wearing the look yet but I will attempt to dress it up a bit to keep up with the standards of the Red Carpet. Wish me luck! 

I will report back tomorrow with all the conclusions I have drawn from my week in one look!

Max x