Punk Lolita

by max rogers

A glance at my website would highlight the obvious fact that I’m not just a little bit inspired by my wife; she is my muse.

It’s not just her unrivalled talent that inspires me, which it does to the Nth degree but more so her determination and work ethic.

It was meeting her that taught me how having talent is nothing without not just hard work but harder work than everyone else.

As a couple we talk a lot about everything and more often than not, we discuss our work. I think this might be because we have both made our work reflect our passions in life and therefore like to talk about it. Becoming parents helped formulate that theory in a way I hadn’t recognised before because we often talk about the example we hope to set for our daughter as she grows up.

Apart from keeping her safe and healthy, my only hope for our little girl is that she finds a passion and then creates as much room in her life for that passion as possible.

Kim decided early in life that she wanted to dance and so has spent 26 years making it her living. I was fortunate at 29 years old, when I realised I wanted to write and direct that I was already doing a job that provided me the space and time to do those things, which is a big reason why I love my job as a model.

However we are able to do it, the point of pursuing a passion is that it doesn’t matter how we do it, it doesn’t matter who is watching, it doesn’t matter if we are successful or appreciated or welcomed into successful circles of glamorous peers, it also doesn’t matter how many people are tweeting, liking or favouriting it.

All that matters is that we just do it. Simply pursuing a passion should be reward enough in itself, any feedback, however it presents itself is welcome but should be secondary.

To that end, Kim and I were recently planning for a rare day off work together (feeling that we deserved it, having just finished a short film called ‘The Red Pillow’, which I wrote and directed and Kim produces an acting master class opposite the equally brilliant Danny Kelly and Freddy Bradshaw).

Having hoped to spend the day in the park, we woke up to pouring rain and so adjusted our plans, deciding instead to call our friends at Sunbeam Studios and hope there was a spare space where we could mess around for the day.

We took some camera equipment and Kim took her dancing shoes, we also took our daughter and we started the day with no plan, hope or expectation for what might happen. With a few hours to go before Willow’s bath time, we remembered a track Kim had recorded with the Next Room a few years ago. It never found a home at the time but we both loved it and knew at some point we would use it in the future. We turned the stereo up, switched the cameras on and decided to see what happened.

An hour later (and after a bit of post production) ‘Punk Lolita’ had happened.

We decided to launch it for free on Willow’s birthday, to show her that despite being devoted parents and busy with modeling and being a TV chef (which Kim now is, since using her ridiculous determination to become Masterchef Champion), we are still able to find the time and circumstances where we don’t have to sacrifice any of the above in order to make room for our passions… because its no good having the theory (or posting the quote on social media) if you don’t JUST DO IT.

You can see ‘Punk Lolita’ right here and right now on my website!

…and our short film ‘The Red Pillow’ is due for release in early 2016.